There is so much that can really be said about attending one of Alejandro's concerts. While standing in line to see this international sensation, was partially expecting a typical concert. While he might be just a mere man in the spec of human history....I have to say, ALEJANDRO DELIVERED. I was taken back by the whole performance...and here take the time to share the entire experience with you.

The experience started out with the purchase of the tickets. Upon initial look did not think that paying about $60.00 was too much. (Of course prices ranged from area to area.) However, knowing how much of an international artist that he was, became a bit confused as to why the price was low. Did not come to understand until I was there at the concert itself. The venue of choice was El Paso's Coliseum. Now this is a venue known to hold primarily down-scaled concerts for those who are not-so-greats. So I was taken back that he would choose such a place to hold a concert. Why not the Abraham Chavez theater? But no, the Coliseum was the right choice.

Alejandro is the son of another international phenomenon, one of my father's favorite and that of many, 'Vicente Fernandez'. I would have to say that in this performance, can really see how Alejandro was well educated by his father. And the incredible respect that he has for his audience.

In today's economy, it is not easy to pull out a buck to pay to see a concert. This concert was just about sold out. I was only able to identify a handful of seats that did no sell that were way up on the corner area at the back of the seating arrangement near the stage. But choosing the seats was something that I took much time selecting. I desired to be in a good spot where one could see well the stage, and be close to the bottom; to be able to leave at the end of the concert. Fortunately for me, found two seats that had an isle all to themselves. This was perfect for me and my date. Although via cell phone in the image above, the stage looks very far, it really wasn't. You could get a great view and well make out the artist as if though you were seeing the image to the right here pulled from the media later after the concert.

The concert was scheduled to start at 8 PM, yet did not. While waiting decided to go see what food options there were as the scent of treats dominated the air. Nachos was a choice of many. Although chips and other candy treats were other options, had to give in to the hype. So yes, nachos with jalapeños was the choice of the night along with two cokes. There was alcohol served at the event, but thank heaven, no one was getting out of control. (At least while we were there through our exit.)

Once the concert started, although late; Alejandro took a moment to apologize to his audience for his tardiness. His communication came genuine and was not a rub off the shoulder comment. His apology was not brief either. Although he did not express as to the why, he did express hopes for all to enjoy the concert and more. This alone made me respect him more. How many artists really just don't care about their audience. Many just brush it off and get going. But not he, wow...respect. Something not normally seen.

The concert opened up with a mix of some of his current works along with some of the other genre of music that Alejandro likes to do. Although he has been known for his Mariachi sound, for those that don't know, Alejandro has been trying to break into a different genre. Although I cannot say that it may exist in Mexico...it can only be compared to a Spanish version of American 1920's music. Like the style of music used by Frank Sinatra but with a twist of slight pop. This Spanish interpretation of Michael Bubble like style...did not fully sit well with me, but hey, the guy did not sound bad. His voice did correlate well with it. Of course don't expect to see his 'other genre like' album within my collection. After a good while of listening to his current and new works...the stage changes; with a stage-wide white curtain that rose to separate acoustic performers to the front of the stage...where they were still visible along with Alejandro.

As a sucker for the acoustic sound, found this part of the performance to be soothing and relaxing. The arrangements of songs selected for this part of the performance really complimented the melodies composed. Giving his old works an amazing twist of sounds that went well. From this the white curtain drops to expose the full stage, and resumes performing other works from hit albums while dancing on stage back and forth.

At a given point mid concierto, he disappears while mariachis take the stage. At first the musical transition seemed to clash, however the mariachi then well dominated the transition with a sound that was well favored in this border town. After a short wait with continuous music, Alejandro Fernandez re-emerged dressed in his traditional 'chero' attire...to be welcomed by screaming women and great applause by the men.

The final chapter of the concert reflected on the traditional sound that made him an international sensation; much like his father. As he continued, he touched on songs that I have personally not heard in close to years. Those songs really took me back to reflect on many moments of one's past. And I was not alone. The composure and content of the lyrics reflect on the passionate moments that the soul gets to experience. Moments of discovering love, fermenting it, and of great emotional loss and distraught. It even took me back to moments in which one can remember being alone, deserted, abandoned. (Sniff, sniff. Yes...emotional. Get over it.) It was nice to see him include such old work. This portion of the concert really gained an incredible positive response from the audience with constant sing-a-longs.

Alejandro took a moment to thank his staff, his team, the team of the coliseum and the presence of the audience in that night's event. It was not a quick thank you. It was detailed with his reasons for gratitude. Given with a humble tone, filled with a respect that many lack. His performance defined in how he caried himself; really reflected a man who was grateful for his audience, and not one who would have been filled with himself. Traits that are dearly found in his father. There were about five more songs that followed before the lights turned off ending the concert. Alejandro gave a very long lasting bow to all areas of his stage. Done in a humbling manner before disappearing into the darkness behind him.

While gathering ourselves to depart, listened on to the audience give oncore, and requesting shouts for more. Patiently as the crowed that was even walking heard this noise gaining momentum...all stopped in their tracks to stare at the dark stage. After a couple of minutes, the stage lit up once again, and he emerged to please his audience. With joy filled in his face continued to perform for a bit more than a half hour. (Wow more than a half hour.) Was this to make up for his tardiness early on, it did not matter. But was taken back by his gesture to continue performing. This last part of the evening had all singing along with him to very old favorites. Including a couple from his father's legacy.

The overall experience of attending one of Alejandro Fernandez's concerts was really and truly amazing. The lighting show part of the entire concert was very impressive. He was not the typical 'full-of-yourself' artist. Alejandro demonstrated to really be a man that is to be respected, to be an artist who although he is great...holds an intimate humble respect for his audience. My hat's off for this man, and as a person...really enjoyed the performance and experience. I would definitely recommend for one to attend his concert if the chance is to ever arrive; as for I will do so again if ever presented the chance again.

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