The Ideal Employee...Is You



Mr. Suave’s Business Minded S1-E01 – ‘The Ideal Employee…Is You’


The Ideal Employee...Is You


Today’s lesson focuses on guiding the working professional to reflect on their current work ethic. So that once you can understand how one is currently performing, with a few tweaks you can launch yourself towards that raise or promotion…you so have been waiting and longing for.

At the start of any give job, we feel many things. Some relief, excitement, curiosity, and at times nervousness. During the first few months we faithfully do our best to learn and master the position. As well we perform at a given level of performance to help prove to our bosses that we were indeed a good selection.

But what happens after 8 months…to a year? In most cases, people begin to maybe burn out, or veer off track a bit. While our management anticipates/hopes that we perform at a level 10, most people after a year or so tend to under-perform at a level 9, or even 8. While there are very few that strive to actually sustain a level 10. And there are those few that are able to soar and perform at a level 11 or well above the rest.

As life goes on and after an employee has been at their current position for an extended period of time without any change in their status of pay or position…they tent to feel resentful. It is natural for people to feel this sense of self-worth. But if the tables were turned to where it was them dishing out the paycheck in exchange for their level of performance…it would be a whole other story.

It is not always easy to stay motivated after more than a year of two of performing many repetitive work tasks day in and day out. As a saying goes, “The grass is greener on the other side”…is really a cop-out and a big fat lie. Changing the environment, location, or the job role does not necessarily mean that life will improve. It just means that you might just be starting over elsewhere. But is that what you really want/need in your life?

Staying at the same company for the long period of time is the best thing that any person can do. Changing careers too much is really a sign of a person that is not serious about their career or the company that they are working for. It is a sign of a person who may not be so dependable.

Unless you are stuck in a job where the only way up is if someone dies off…staying with your current employer may be the better financial decision that you can make. And the best part is that it is not always easy to build a reputation from scratch each time you move companies compared to staying in the same place. But the real focus about searching for greener pastures should be shifted to focus on growing the grass exactly where you are in place of trying to find a myth that does not exist.

If you were to switch jobs, the new employer will not always know about your personal capacities. Nor if you can really go above and beyond to be worthy of wearing a cape to save company problems/issues that they did not know you could fix. When working for a new company it may take time for the management to get to know what talents you really have/hold so that they know how to best seat you in an organization. And a lack of getting to know will just keep you stuck in the same position/job longer than you were hoping for.

As a working professional, if you were to simply shift your focus from ‘just getting by the day’ to focusing on over performing…pretty soon you will begin to reap financial rewards. Or even better yet, get that promotion. So here is my game plan on doing just that.

Number one, learn to focus on showing up to work on time. Nothing screams that you are always ready to work than showing up early to get to work. It is a great action to do, as it can prepare you for any unanticipated problems that might have emerged since you were last there.

Learn to turn off the noise around you. It is easy to get sucked into non-work related noise. Like people gossiping about other people. Or people complaining about the problems that they were hired to fix in place of fixing them. Understand that nowhere in your job description was slacking off a part of your daily role.

You do not owe anything to the people around you for just being another employee being paid to work there. Just because you share the workspace with others, that does not mean that you have to go out for a drink with any other work colleagues. Doing so could lead to gossip or just hearing complaints about the work place which in turn could slowly contaminate your focus and chances at getting that raise or promotion. Your co-workers don’t pay your rent, bills, gas in your car, nor meals. So as a result your personal life outside of work does not necessarily have to mix with theirs.

As you work, try to find new and innovative ways to better using the tools you have to work with. Most companies have underperforming employees who are poorly trained or educated on how to use the tools that they have. As a result the whole organization is always just trying to survive each day instead of progressing. Learning how to use your programs and tools could help give you an edge that the rest of the work group does not have. Doing this could result in less stress and the work that you have to do each day.

Life can be distracting, so please be sure to leave your personal emotional baggage at the door. You can pick it up on the way out at the end of the day. If you can do this, just forget about your life outside of work and devote your attention to your job. This is a great way to make the day and time just rush by. With the right focus, you will be able to get more done each day. And before you know it…it will be time to go home.

Please take into account how long it is that you have been starting to make all of these performance improvements. If your next evaluation is just around the corner, don’t expect that pay-increase any time soon. You might have to continue to strive beyond that through the next one to be able to get what you want, deserve and have been working hard for.

Understand that promotions are given to the people who don’t give up. They are given to the people who day-in-day-out continues to excel at working above their expected level of performance. If you do not give it your best each day…don’t expect the boss to want to give you that raise or promotion for just showing up each day. You will have to work for it.

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