Understanding The Teamwork Philosophy



Mr. Suave’s Business Minded-S1-E02 – Understanding the Teamwork Philosophy


Understanding the Teamwork Philosophy

If there is one thing I dislike about working on teams, it’s when certain people…don’t pull their weight. But working with such members…can teach you just how big of a person it is that you really are. And learning to bear the weight of those who lack…could just be your ticket to that raise or promotion. Today, we reflect on becoming the muscle of a team.

Last time we were reflecting on your individual performance in the workplace. And how we took some time to reflect on why it is that you are or are not getting to where you want financially. Today, we aim at another area of your career that could launch you up to the next level even faster. But it will require you learning to shift your attention. From thinking or talking about the negative, to taking the right action against it.

If it’s one thing that can easily piss off a work group of people…it is a colleague that is either just lazy, or really incapable of performing their work. Now why such people are that way, should not be your focus. It is OK to recognize the weak links in your work groups; but unless you are the boss of the group…this should really not be your concern.

Having weak links in a work groups does not necessarily mean that the group as a whole cannot perform to standard, although it can affect the overall output of the group. But having a weak link in your group could really play in your favor. When you discover this weak link, you will have two choices. To complain, or to pick up the slack even if it is not yours.

Remember, you are being paid to do a job…not to complain. But let us be considerate. We all have seen moments in our careers where we drop the ball. Due to illness, injury, or other factors outside of our control. But we manage to raise up from such ashes to pull our own weight.

When people are not able to pull their own weight, management tends to hit a point where they have no other choice but to turn to the rest of the team to say, we have a problem…and we need your help. When that happens, do not push away and complain. Look at situations like these as an opportunity to earn brownie points for that next annual evaluation. Or in certain cases a justified obstacle to list on your workplace achievements or resume. Ah, Mr. Boss sir/mam...remember when I put on my invisible cape and saved the day?

Management is always paying attention to who is helping out with what. As well they are paying attention to quality, speed, accuracy, and team spirit.

When others lack, believe me…deep down inside I too have a part of me that rolls my eyes and wants to go sit next to bitter Betty and wine and dine on complaints. But the truth to the matter is…how has doing any of that ever really done anything for me or others. I don’t know about you…but I am tired of getting paid at the rate I am at now. The pay scale is a mountain to climb, and all that I have to tell the rest of you is to get out of my way. For I am on my way to financial freedom and independence.

Mr. Boss, don’t worry about me not wearing my cape. I can put it on later. Please tell me, what is the problem and how can I help.

Here is a thought. If the company that you are working for overall is not performing well, this in turn could affect customers to leave. Which in turn means less money for the company. And if the company is not making enough money to pay all of the employees…guess what gets cut next? That’s right…jobs. And the weakest links are the first to go. Bye-bye Betty, I will miss our lonely talks.

Keep your fight to the top respectful. Along the way you do not need to literally say or talk about how the lazy/incapable are not able to pull their weight. Management along with other team members are very observant. It is obvious on who is not able to pull their weight. Do you think that they alone do not realize this? Don’t make them feel any worse by actually saying it out loud. If you are the one who is going to stab someone in the back, or throw them under the bus…management too will notice. And if that member of the management group were to ever consider with who to rub elbows with…sharing it with someone who is not a good team player, is not the right kind of person to promote to management. Cause if they do…you could possibly come to talk smack about them someday. Ah, no thank you employee, you can stay in the position where you are.

Playing the catchup game in the workplace when other’s lack could result at times in working overtime, and ‘Ca$hing!’ more money to put towards that morning latte that you don’t usually get. Or that special gift you so want to get a loved one, or something even better.

When working on a team with weak links take charge if you can. When you are the solution or usually the part of one…people will notice. And as a result…when that management position comes up, your team mates will be the ones cheering you on…in getting it. But it will take work and effort to get there.

Envision yourself at the top of that financial mountain that you so want to get on top of. What do you think the view from up there will look like? Would you soon like to see yourself driving a better car? Would you like to upgrade your restaurant choices as a result of an increase in pay?

The grass is not greener on the other side. If there is no grass where you are today. Plant some grass where you are today, fertilize it, and make it grow. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Cause in all reality…if another person grows it…it is going to be for their benefit and not yours. Don’t be left biting the dust, be the one who peels out of the starting line…and get to that finish line. Why? Cause you can…cause you will…because…you deserve it.

 Mr. Avelardo Lopez – aka: Mr. Suave

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