Change, The Need To Survive



Mr. Suave’s Business Minded – Season 1 – Episode 4 – “Change, The Need To Survive”

Change; The Need To Survive

Change could lead your wallet to more money, let us discuss just how in today’s lesson. As people grow older, we tend to dislike change. Change can be hard work. But not being flexible to change, could cause your career to wither. Let us discuss the importance about change in today's topic. And how change should really be something to look forward to financially. Survival of the fittest.

 Just when you thought that you were just getting things down and mastering your career, it blind sides you. What? Change, that’s what. Un-welcomed by many people, especially older ones; it is due to the tedious tasks and challenges that come with it.

There is often a learning and design curve that needs to be mastered. As well, with change come a slew of headaches. Customers, clients, employees and members of management that is all trying to run around to understand how to now do what for years they have done before.

Change in unavoidable. It is has always been a part of human evolution. People tend to focus on other negative factors. Such as technology replacing the roles of people, companies downsizing resulting in layoffs. And the list goes on.


But there is a MUCH MORE POSITIVE side to change that people often take for granted. THINGS GET MUCH EASIER TO DO. Companies too hate change. It can be an expensive process that can cost money both to make the change, and the potential loss of clients along the way if things do not go smoothly.

When companies and people make changes to how things are done in their daily lives/roles…it is usually backed by many benefits. The primary one is the ability to get more done faster and more efficiently. Technology alone and the internet make it much easier to stay in contact with many more people in less time from one place. Think about how social media can allow you to share a post with many instantly. Or how an e-mail can deliver many details to multiple people. Allowing everyone to focus on multiple things all at once.

But where exactly are the dollar bills that I would like to stick in my wallet? Well, they come in the multiple forms of opportunity. Ever hear the saying, “Survival of the fittest”? Well, when change takes place…it is usually a good time to help identify who in the group are the strongest ones, and those who are the weak ones. The weak ones will usually bicker and complain while the strong will do just the opposite. If you recall reading my previous article called: Understanding The Teamwork Philosophy; you would recall how we emphasize on the change of opportunity and getting ahead when surrounded by people who cannot pull their weight.

When people are able to take advantage of new technology to do more in less time, members of the management take notice. And it is those who adapt well and quickly that will hold their attention. Especially when it comes to the annual review or the interview for a promotion leading a person to more money. Which leads me to today’s Business Minded Tweetable: “With Change, things get easier, and it’s an opportunity for people to make more money.”



If you were to pay close attention to the changes that take place all around, each one facilitates things for people in multiple areas. When things get easier for some, a bit of stress fades away. Remember that stress contributes to high blood pressure & heart attacks. Going along with the changes that take place in the professional environment is very beneficial for the health of the people who are positively affected by it.

Although we stay focused on the professional aspect, please understand that regardless of the perspectives…the emotion and stress built up at work trickles down to the home environment as well. In many homes, this stress – fatigue – emotion can impact a person’s decision making process with their marriage and kids. As well, being fatigued and tired often could result in a family being led to eat a more unhealthier diet since fattening foods are easier and faster to make.

If an employee and his family become unhealthy…both can become a financial burden not only on the employee, but the company’s health benefits programs which in turn could eat into a company’s profits if not done right.


When change takes place, if a person is not able to cope well with it, they will slowly sabotage their success. People who cannot adapt to change quickly are usually put to the bottom of the dependable list. Their lack thereof then can affect their ability to get a raise or promotion. Companies are more interested in promoting people that would benefit the company to have in powerful positions that impact the company’s revenue.

An employee who is not willing to change can also cost the company money. Which could result in a company making the decision to terminate an employee as a result of not being able to perform to the new standard. So if a company is to ever consider having to lay-off people, those who cannot adapt well are usually the first to go.


What do you do on your free time? Often people make watching television, watching the news, or reading the newspaper a part of their off-the-clock routines. Although it is important to stay informed with what is going on around them, too much attention in the wrong places could hurt you.

During your time off, how are you preparing yourself to become a better professional? Are you reading up on the latest changes that companies are making to succeed? Have you considered going online and trying to learn about how to better use the programs or equipment you use daily to help you get more done faster?

What you do on your time off can greatly affect your professional career. Especially if you take actions focusing a part of it on personal development. The more you stay in tune with change, the easier and more ready that you will be when change happens in the work place. This simple change could make an incredible difference in your annual earnings if practiced often. You do not have to devote every day to this. Dedicating a day or two a week can be enough to make a great impact in your daily life. Going above that…could transform it.

So when it comes to change, will you be ready to survive the next one? Please let me know in the comments area below.

Good Luck, 

Mr. Avelardo Lopez - aka: Mr. Suave / Mr. Suave's Business Minded Series

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