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Mr. Suave’s Business Minded – Season 1 – Episode 05 – “Free Education Sources Online”

Free Education Sources Online


Today we are going to discuss several FREE online Education Sources. To convince you as to why these sources are very important, let us first re-visit the concept of a secondary education. And the need to remain competitive to stay employed.


Did you know that the concept of Colleges and Universities was invented originally by Corporations and other big companies? Yes, it’s true. During the early 1900’s there was a need for better educated employees by large companies to help run the bigger parts of the operation. Which required a need for people to learn business management, administration, operations, and more. As time went on, there was a need for other positions that were more technical; in areas such as welding, assembly, computer programing, engineering and more.

Many people make college, or ‘attending a university’; a must on their bucket list. As the secondary education is pursued with the idea that it will lead to making more money. In the majority of cases this is definitely a must. But regardless of the field of study, that “4 years good attendance” piece of paper really could mean a whole lot more to employers than what you might think.


But what happens after walking the walk and grabbing that degree? Does it all end there? When it comes to making money and the fact that human evolution is a reality…the education you obtained may become obsolete; or at least most of it.

As evolution takes its course, most of the principles that we learn in school will soon fall off the table of current practice. Although some principles may never change…the majority of them do. So as business trends change…it is vital to stay on top of them and the education behind them. Otherwise…your job might just be in jeopardy as it’s cheaper to just replace you with a kid out of college.

In our world today, as people age…so does their interest to learn. So it is usually the older part of the workforce that is set aside since they lack ‘CURRENT’ education. Or education about the latest trends, practices and so on.

If you are interested in continuing to remain employed and continue to strive after financial gains…an ongoing education is a must. But with education being so expensive these days, no wonder people are not willing to dish out another $50-100 grand just to get another piece of paper.


While putting together this article for you today, I discovered these next several sources of free education. Please note that the sources below are in no way substitutes for an actual college degree. But they are excellent for ongoing education. The education & certification that some of these institutions offer for free is an excellent way to stay current and enhance that resume. So let’s dive into talking about each and how to pull the spot light over you.

Oh, a final note about why these sources exist. Employers now are understanding that their employees cannot always afford to stay current. Although it may be cheaper to just replace you for someone new, there is an expensive element in doing that. Losing the part of you that has all of the experience. So what they are highly favoring now, are employees that are staying up to date through taking these online courses. So taking some of these courses online, may just save your job.


These next 2 sources, are from websites dedicated at offering incredibly reputable courses…from credible education institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, Berkley, and more. These are online classes that anyone can take on their own schedule. Some of the courses may come alone, or in a sequence offering a certificate provided you complete and pass the class.

A definite plus is that some of these courses can represent ‘work-experience’. You will have to visit each site to learn more. Another benefit about using these next sources is to help you determine if you are a big enough person to actually be able to attend any one of these universities. A great plus if you would like to test the waters for…FREE.

CLASS CENTRAL – http://www.class–





These next two options that I found online were primarily created by several major international brand names. The intention behind these sources is to not only educate their internal workforce, but to also encourage outsiders to prepare to come work for them someday. Especially since employees age, retire, or leave to go work for other companies.

These are awesome sources since it helps a person get past the “what is the work like” doubts. It is awesome that after taking these classes/courses…one could more easily be ready to jump in, to go work for one of these conglomerates and feel right at home right away. The fact that during the interview you can already be talking their language can give you an incredible edge at getting that next job.  

Alison -

FREE Certification Cources from the World's Top Publishers such as:

Google / Microsoft / MacMillan / Walkgrove

Udacity -

Created by companies like Nvidia / Google / Cloudera /



Please note that the pre-mentioned were more credible sites that pull courses from major educational institutions. However, they are not alone. There are many other sites as well that provide free courses. But from those found, there was only one that I just wanted to mention.

This next option is not directly teamed up with any accredited institution. But it is partnered up with major government agencies, such as NASA, MIT, various museums, and more. Definitely worth exploring, especially if you have more of a technical degree from a trade school. The information found here could be vital to being able to make a leap to the next level.

Khan Academy -



Upon completing any course offered by any of these institutions, please make sure that you update your resume and your Linked-In profile. On Linked-In there is an area where you can enter such education sources much like these.


Have you ever taken a look at the resume of a CEO? I was once curious to learn about what type of education it is that CEO’s and similar level experts had on their resume. To my surprise discovered that many of them had like 5-7 college degrees. With the last one acquired within the past decade. Like WOW!!! I was impressed. Who knew that in order to continue to strive making the big bucks…a secret to that…was ongoing education. They were able to prove that they understood the fields very well. Their personal knowledge about their field was not just area specific. Their knowledge was very broad and they understood how different business areas connected.

Although I did find one CEO that beside technical & business degrees also had some culinary education. But we won’t go there. LOL…


Taking online classes/courses is not the only way to stay competitive. Although they may not be as credible as those mentioned in the first part of this article. There are additional free sources online that you can use to stay informed and education about common trends. But please be considerate of the detail as to why it is that I make mention about each.

BUSINESS MAGAZINES – Forbes / Business Week / Fortune / Fast Company / Inc. / & more…

Getting a business focused magazine subscription is a great way to learn about global trends. Please understand that it is not about the ads or the hot models in them…(whoa!). But really about the articles found there. The articles found here usually reflect new developments in technology or new business practices. Constantly reading these articles could help fuel your creative side to learning another better way of getting things done.

Another thing that you can come to discover are new tools & programs that can enhance processes. And even help the business focus on getting more customers. If you can take the initiative to show at work your learned knowledge found in these magazines…it will help give you an edge. So feel free to have a couple of old ones lying on your desk to show that you are…“Business Minded”.

NEWSPAPERS – Wall Street Journal / Business Journal

When magazines hold more of a positive tone, the media does not always hold the same perspective. But although newspapers may also mix in quite a bit of negative news…it can be very educational from a business standpoint.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Learn from other people’s mistakes”? Well that is the exact same message that I am trying to deliver here. It is important to stay on top of the news about competitors or companies in similar industries in other parts of the world. If you can identify what are the mistake that they are doing. You can reflect to see if your company is possibly making the same mistakes too. If so, being able to make members of management aware of the situations of other companies could help your company stay compliant. Undertaking such measures could deem you a hero in given situations.


If you are a person that is always on the move, and hardly have time to read, following an online blog site or a podcast could be the solution that you were looking for. When you do not have the time to be performing research…you could consider taping into the minds of those who are in a position to do so.

Online there are many people who write business blogs or produce podcasts much like mine. We are here to deliver articles that can be quickly read (yeah this one though, is an exception…cough). Others also offer a podcast that you can just download to your phone and listen to while driving to work in the car.

Via iPhone you have the iTunes store. If you are on Android, you could download an app called Stitcher. And there are many more. As well some car manufacturers provide some podcasting applications by default, and more than likely you can find my podcasts there too.

Or if you are a busy person at home, or in the gym while you work-out…a podcast is an awesome way to stay informed, become educated, and personally develop your mind while on the go.


These next two are my personal FAVORITES. Although it is like a “No-duh”; Google and YouTube are great places to go to…to learn more. Whenever I face a personal issue…regardless of the field…I rely on these two first to help me get problems resolved. And there is no limit. If I do not feel that one article or video really could help, looking at others could help me become better informed on what solution/measure I should really take.

The best part about using these search tools to learn something new or how to get something accomplished, is that the information found there is FREE. Gotta love that word “FREE” huh?

It is very rare when I cannot come across an article or video that can help me answer a question that I personally have. But where these search tools come in super handy is when trying to figure out how to do things on a computer.

It is great to have what I call “School-Knowledge”. But one thing that they do not usually teach in school is how to use a computer or the programs that you will ever come across. Like, where was the course on how to learn how to use Compass Contract or Oracle 11i? I had to learn those on my own, and in turn teach others.

So if you are stuck wondering if there might be a better or faster way of getting something done using your company’s programs. Consider doing homework after hours at home online about how they work and what they can do. If you can then show off your talents and knowledge at work the next day, then props to you. You could then put on your super hero cape and stand on top of that stool to be admired. (Ah, please move the spotlight a little more to the left. And you holding the fan. Please make sure my cape waves with style.)


Personally I listen to podcasts when I am working on chores. I go through e-mails when I am in the restroom, or standing in life somewhere to pay/etc. Whenever I am waiting on people I take the chance to take action on my cell phone.

As well, after my son goes to sleep, or when I am on my breaks.

Let’s face a truth. There are many people who are flat out lazy. They have had a long day/week at work. And all they really want to do is come home and plop themselves on a couch and watch TV. I too enjoy watching sitcoms and movies. But I limit myself to watching those on my off times. Which is usually every other weekend or once or twice a week. And when I do…I BINGE!!! Gotta have a chance to reward yourself & get distracted every once in a while. But understand that watching TV shows is not going to guarantee you, that you will be able to get that raise or keep your job.

Staying informed and remaining competitive in this world is a priority on my list. It is what helps me put food on the table, pay the bills, and for a steak at a good restaurant every once in a while. Taking too much of a break in life could cost you financially to where you lose out on getting a raise or promotion as a result of just wanting to be average. If making more money is a priority on your list…make sure that getting ongoing education is next on your list.

Good luck,

Mr. Avelardo Lopez / aka: Mr. Suave / Mr. Suave’s Business Minded Series.

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