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So who is. Mr. Suave? What a great way to start this new podcast series. Mr. Avelardo Lopez is a divorced Hispanic father on a mission. With a heart of gold, and fist full of dreams, after much soul searching concluded that I wanted to focus the rest of his life on creating online content that helps people in so many ways. 

In this hour long video, I wanted to take the time to explain who it is that I am, and have to offer everyone who comes to my site. I don't believe that my video/podcast content will generally go the full hour length each time, but who knows. 

As a person, there is so much knowledge that people have expressed that I have to offer. Since it is just so much information, and quite diverse. There is no way that I could just create and publish all of that content on the same channel and area. As well, after years of study of online business and working online for many years, discovered that people have multiple preferences. Some like to watch video, other like to listen to podcasts, and there are people who just love to read in place of the other two. In an effort to reach as big and diverse audience possible, decided to maximize my reach and create a distribution method my which I could reach people of all preferences. So as you can see by the social links that will be made available at the top/bottom of my site (depending on what pager you are on) will notice all of the links to all of my social platforms where you can find my content.

Please do not let the name of “Mr. Suave” mislead you. I am not a snot nosed person, nor someone who thinks of himself to be better or above others. Many years ago, I earned the name of ‘Suave’ while teaching dance to groups of kids as a result of the smooth moves. Smooth, in Spanish is ‘Suave’. And with the popularity of the song, ‘Suavemente’, rightfully earned the title/nickname of ‘Suave’.

Along the way I have also helped people when it comes to Love & Relationships. Where as a result of the advice that I would give, people often commented that the advice was cool & smooth as well.

So now that there is a shift to work online with the general public, revisited an old thought. People are going to have a hard time, pronouncing my name. (*Sigh*) So what should I do to fix this. Since I am going to shift my focus with a business like approach, decided to adopt the prefix of ‘Mr’ to ‘Suave’. Thus creating: ‘Mr. Suave’.

Well, if you are reading this in place of listening in on the podcast or watching the YouTube video, I would like to invite you over to my ‘Projects’ page link at the top of the site. On that page you will be able to visit a brief summary as to what each one of my projects is really about. The podcast that I created at the top of this page is a bit over an hour long. So don’t expect me to type all of that out for you just yet. Guess, if you are not willing to listen in, it might take you sometime to fully get the message.

At the core of each project that I work on, is a passion to help people. I sought out to start a series of online projects to do just that. Each with a given focus on one of my many passions.

This website is just a reflection of who I am, and how I tend to see the world. But not everything in my personal life will be shared of course. But what I am open to discussed will be of course.

The next project of ‘The Golden Mustard Seed’ is a project devoted at helping people seek and find some form of motivation. In a prior company, as a result of sending out daily business minded devotionals, was able to help people focus on the positive side of life. Resulting in many people falling in love with their job again, getting raises, promotions, and coming full circle in excelling in their lives.

The ‘Who’s your daddy?’ project, is one where I deliver messages to fathers to help them excel at their roles of being a father. As well there are 3 channels where I lend my voice as a father to people who do not/did not have a father growing up, regardless of the reason why they did not have a father figure.

Dr. Suave is an area that was originally a spin-off from the Who’s Your Daddy project, with a focus to talk about a father’s love life. However on that project, decided to create a channel/area for women as well. The aim is to help save marriages/relationships and lead them to honor & respect one another. Until like its much said in the greatest vowed line recited. Until death do us apart.

Sir Arthur Tux is a final project in the series where I talk/teach people about how to go about making money online. It is not a get rich over night focus. It will require much hard work. It will be a while before I start to focus on that one, as I am just about done setting up my core projects.

And one project that will get some attention to is ‘A Unicity Life’. This last one is an MLM where I just want to preach to the world the life changing products of Unicity International. After much study about this company, was convinced to get involved to help other people. This company has a series of products that have been reviewed and approved by the US’s medical community. Enough for them to have earned the privilege for more than 10 of their core products to have been inducted into the ‘Phisycian’s Desk Reference’. A dictionary/bible that doctors use to determine what medication/treatment to prescribe to patients in all fields.

To learn more about each/any of the pre-mentioned project, please feel free to visit their  corresponding website(s). Links are found at the top of the page in the main menu.

Well, it was a pleasure to have met you here online. I am excited to grow together with you and get to know you. I do hope that perhaps the content that I will be publishing daily may help guide you towards a more positive and more fulfilled life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.


Mr. Avelardo Lopez

Aka: Mr. Suave


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