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Mr. Suave – Season 1 – Episode 02 – The Super Hero At Home


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Since we were young, we have known about super heroes. We have learned about them in comic books, movies, cartoons, and more. With time, and only for a brief period in time, we envision our parents as super heroes too. For always being there to help save us whenever we scrape our knee, or get sick.

As we grow older, we discover other types of heroes, such as the sports athlete. With time we discover every day heroes like firefighters, police officers, military soldiers, and more. All of our life, we have grown up with this idea that out there somewhere is a figure that can help save up from any negative force. And although we come to think in such a way, deep down inside us all; there is a part of us that ever wishes to someday be a hero of our own.

As we come to eventually graduate high school/college. There is this lingering desire to go out into the world with the ever need to someday…somehow…become someone’s hero. A desire that never dies and just lingers there until our ending days. Constantly in life we are seeking that feeling that we can get whenever we can achieve being able to heal a whaling heart.

Once we become adults and life happens, we tend to become distracted. We fall into a daily routine that somehow turns us into zombies. Life is not easy, and as a result of all of the negative forces and distractions…that dream of becoming the heroes we once sought out to become…fades away.

Have you ever taken a moment to look at yourself in the mirror, and not seem to recognize the person in the reflection? But why is that? Is it because there is a part of us that is ashamed of the person on the other side of that reflection? Are we not satisfied with our choices to date? Are we desiring a life that we think that we cannot have? Are we choosing to give up on a part of us?

If you are a person that somehow has fallen into a drift upon which you cannot seem to be able to get yourself out. I bring a message to you today in hopes to help you find the light at the end of your tunnel.

I know that you can share with me a moment upon which you look at yourself in the mirror, and look upon a sad poor soul looking back. And cannot help but identify an emotion where there is a part of you that wishes you could somehow help and save the person in that reflection. If you have ever felt that way, please let me help you acknowledge that those two feelings, is a hero deep inside trying to emerge to save the victim that is trapped along with him.

Whenever we are not happy, it is human to want to give up. When we give up we tend to let go of the desire to be beautiful/handsome/great. We give up the desire to strive as strongly as we wished we could. But let me remind you, that although that may appear to be the case…you know that there is that little voice that still lingers there. The little voice that you have learned to ignore that cries out softly…“You Can Do It!”; “I believe in you.”

I cry out to you to focus on that little voice that you have pushed aside. I cry out to you to focus on helping this buried hero inside of you emerge to let that hero inside of you be the one to save that incredible side of you of hope that is still there.

This could be described to be like a whole other awakening. If the old dreamer that used to be you could suddenly emerge and just take your place today…what would that old self do? What would that old self say? What actions would that old self undertake to swing and turn your life around? And why?

Sometimes we just need to learn how to snap out of it…and awaken in the slumber of our misery. And force ourselves back up to love upon ourselves. And it is not because there is not someone out there in this world who can/should love us too. But the love for oneself if very different and even more powerful than once would come to think/believe.

On a daily basis it is human to desire to seek out to be someone’s hero. And even if we can succeed at doing just that…the results are only temporary. The results will soon fade away like any other memory. And the thirst to try to become a hero again emerges like one’s thirst for water…that someone cannot ever be fully quenched.

But in the pursuit to love one’s self…you can never finish. In getting up to begin to love upon one’s self by getting up earlier to be able to better present oneself. To be able to treat yourself to a better breakfast/cup of coffee in the morning. All because you love yourself enough to do that and more for yourself.

You know that there is a part of you, that misses that side of you. You know that inside of yourself there is a part that is just hungry to become content with one’s self. So why not do just that. You deserve it. You deserve the wonderful and amazing you that you were, and wanted/want to be.

At first it is not going to be easy to do this. There are going to be moments where you will want to give up. But just like getting on a bike, you just have you push yourself to do it again, and again, and…again.

There is a hero inside of yourself. And you look at that hero every time that you look at yourself in the mirror. Help that Hero do their job…in saving that side of you that thought  was lost. Because you love yourself enough to let it happen.




Mr. Avelardo Lopez

Aka: Mr. Suave


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