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Mr.Suave Podcast – S1-E03 – To Be Famous…Someday


To Be Famous Someday


Has the thought of ever being famous someday ever come across your mind? What would be the reason for your fame? Why is it that people would admire you? Could you handle all of the fame? Or would it all go to your head? Today…we talk about the idea…the perspective…of; “To Be Famous Someday”.

But just why is it that we have come to admire the people who are famous? Is it their beauty? The incredible feats that they have overcome? Or did they save the baby out of the runaway carrier.

There is a mysterious deep down desire inside of all of us to someday amount to be something bigger than what we could ever be. To achieve a position, or a level of admiration above that of the people around us. For people to look upon us to think of the highest things of us. For people to cheer us on as we walk past them. To be able to speak for perform in front of crowds of people waiting to hear our voice breathe fire upon the microphone on the stage.

For some people, this is not a dream. It is their everyday reality. As a result of all of their struggle and hard work…they are able to stand before the masses and be heard.

I have a dream of being able to achieve something great someday. To be able to focus on performing many works, deliver many messages. In a way to where people will be gracious to hear them delivered to their ears. The internet in its current state in human evolution has been able to bring forth many virtual platforms upon which we are able to stand upon…and preach our message to the masses. The idea of becoming well known to many is no longer an impossible dream to fantasize about, it is a modern day reality.

But just how do these figures who are well known do it? I am here to tell you that it is much easier that one could think. Let us take for example a person close to home in your life that you admire. Why is it that you admire them? What is it about them that you admire? Are you the only one who notices them? How is it that others are going about learning about why this person is amazing? Are people talking and spreading the word?

Now depending on whatever it is that, that person does…will determine how well known that person will become. For example, fire-fighters save lives every day. But how come some of them are not world famous? You do on occasion hear about some of them appearing on calendars half dressed, where women threaten to burn their houses down at the chance to meet them. (Lucky guys.) Of course, don’t burn your house down just to get to meet one in real life. Just go over to the fire station when they are not busy.

But what about the people who work in fields where they are constantly delivering messages? Those people tend to be heard. And if the message is delivered in just the right way, people will not only listen…but invite others to hear what you have to say.

I take time to think if the messages that I deliver day in – day out will someone get people to discover who it is that I am. I hold these little fantasies in the back of my mind to someday be able to appear on an episode of ‘Ellen’ or even the ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”. But what does a person have to do to get there, and for how long?

Although the life of glamour may seem appealing it does come with many tradeoffs. Such as a lack of privacy. Or if ever a negative private matter were to leak out, it would be an even bigger scandal just because of the ‘fame-factor’ involved.

Some people are perfectly fine not being famous at all. They just love and are more than content with the quiet peaceful lives.

So if you were to take some time to think about how it is that you would like to become famous someday…how would you go about it? If you are serious about achieving such a dream…the best time to get started would be today.

Take the time to listen to today’s video/podcast. As on it, I will talk about how some people were able to slowly climb to some level of fame. It does not have to be renounced world class fame. But if I could be more of a hero than my girlfriend and mom…that would help make my day someday. It would really make me happy if one day I would not just be saying, ‘To be famous someday.’



Mr. Avelardo Lopez

Aka: Mr. Suave


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