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Morning Rituals


For more than 30 years, my father gets up in the morning. He does the sign of the cross in front of an altar that my brother made for my parents. Then he walks over to mom, and they hug each other for a few moments…and confess their love for one another.

Might sound like something out of a book, but to me…it is one of the things that was there each day. Besides our morning traditions of brushing our teeth, taking a shower and getting ready to head out the door. There are others who have learned how to master the idea of stopping to smell the roses on their way to their daily challenging lives.

But it is amazing how just an extra half hour can do for you in the morning if you are willing to wake up early enough before actually facing your day. If you did have that extra half hour in the morning…how would you spend that time?

Would you spend it indulging in a cup of coffee, while the aroma would help relax you and wake you up? Would you be willing to meditate a bit to help you get your head in the game? Some people perform a bit of exercise to help get the blood flowing. An incredible idea to help boost the chances of you being more of a morning person, and a way to force the body to be able to focus well in the morning.

Did you know that a good amount of people rush off to work without any breakfast? This does not make for them to have a good day at work. Starving yourself in the mornings, causes your body to struggle a bit more at being able to focus during the first half of the day. As well, as a result of this starving act…the body will tend to over eat at lunch. When the body starves itself…it goes into a ‘I need to pack back up energy in the form of fat’. Causing people to gain weight. Combined with daily stress…a devastating health time bomb waiting to happen. Be sure to put something in your system beside coffee.

Although coffee is the traditional morning drink by many, the caffeine in the drink accelerates your metabolism a bit too much. Including that of your digestive track. So if you do not have anything to digest in the morning after having coffee, this could result in possible ulcers, stomach cramps, dehydration, and with time…health problems that will cost you more than money.

Although at first and for a given number of years, coffee will help you get going in the morning…without anything in your stomach in the mornings…you will come to someday pay the price with your health. And your health should be a priority in your life. As the number one reason why people go broke or bankrupt in the world…is due to medical bills later in life. Yes, that nutritional bar might cost you a dollar…but it will save you thousands in the long run.

Having at least a small breakfast in the morning could also lead to helping you not gain as much weight. When there is something to digest, your body may not be so willing to over eat later in the day. If you are disciplined enough, eat healthy & throw healthy snacks in between…diet could be a myth in your life.

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Is there anything that special that you do differently that you might think that other people do not in the mornings? What would you recommend people do to help enhance their lives in the morning? Please let me know. It could lead to the next topic of choice.


Mr. Avelardo Lopez / aka: Mr. Suave

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