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Turn The Music On

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Music is a very powerful tool, if you use it in the right way. In a matter of seconds, it can begin to shift your mood from one extreme…to another. Today we discuss how to turn on the right kind of music, to help enhance your life and steer you…in the right direction.

Everyone, has that song that can make their head thump/shake or dance to the beat. Music can take our spirit by the hand and guide it to a more positive place. But regardless of the song that is playing right now on any station, thanks to the internet there are thousands of stations to listen to. YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify…and the list goes on. So if the song that you are listening to right now if just not doing it, just hit she skip button or just change the channel.

Personally I like to listen to music on YouTube, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and the old traditional radio. But what do I listen to? Well it just depends on what I am working on. For the most part motivational inspiring instrumental music dominates my list. Followed by old fashioned tunes like those of Frank Sinatra & Michael Bubble. Hip-hop & R&B, and more follow thereafter.

I like to listen to music that inspires me whenever I am not on camera/recording.

So what beat just grabs your soul and drag it screaming to the POSITIVE side of life? If you would like to begin to inspire and shift your life in a more positive direction…one great way to do it is to first grab control of the music that you are already listening to.

Regardless of the music player App that you use on your phone, tablet or PC today there are so many ways to customize it to your tastes and moods. Try to focus on music that has a beat that makes you want to dance to the beat. So here are a few thoughts to help lead you to the right playlists.

If you are performing tasks that require much concentration, focus on creating lists that include instrumentals. Now instrumentals don’t necessarily mean that they have to be classical types of music. On YouTube you can find a whole lot of instrumental music to R&B music pieces. As for me, I love to listen to the piano instrumental version to the song “Lollipop” from the artist Lil-Wayne. Although I am not a full fan of the character, that jam has an incredible motivating beat. Take out the words to that song…and it makes for an awesome jam to listen to while working.

Now, if you do not have to concentrate on what you are doing, for example when working on house hold chores, laundry, or doing mechanics on your car…there is no limit. And listening to lyrics would typically not interfere in what you are doing.

Don’t ignore the bad or sad songs fully. But learn to give such songs/music a thumbs down so that they do not play on the customized station that you are creating. Excluding these lower mood tracks from your playlist will help keep your mood boosted. Which in turn could result in more productive day. A happy person…is far more productive on; than a sad one.

The right music too could also help enhance your life in other ways that you did not think about. For example, people who don’t dance don’t burn as many calories as those who do. Even those who dance sitting down.

Learn to ignore and shut out the negative noise out of your life. There is noise everywhere we look. On TV, the radio, other people nearby complaining, need I go on? Tell all of that noise to shut the front door. So how do you survive past all of that negative noise? Isn’t your finger on the remote?

To pull yourself toward a more positive focus, learn to turn off the TV, or radio and make sure that positive music is playing. Within a short while…you will notice how your life will transform before your eyes.

You don’t have to fully lock the bad media out of your life. It is OK to stay informed with what is going on in the world. But learn to filter and limit that;  to help your mind stay focused on living to the fullest.

So, I want to know…what jam makes your head thump/dance. Please leave your answers in the comments. Please that there is a whole lot more to this article, if you are willing to listen/watch the podcast.

Have a super musical day,

Mr. Avelardo Lopez – aka: Mr. Suave

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