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Mr. Suave – Season 1 – Episode 6 – “Eyes On The Prize”

Eyes On The Prize


As the saying goes, "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize". Today, we talk about how going out to look at new houses & window shopping, can help you stay motivated at working towards your goal. Looking often at the things we most want is a good way to help keep the incentive in front of us to help lure us towards our goals in life.

Ever seen a picture of someone or something on a treadmill, with a fishing pole holding an object/food item in front of them? The idea of such image is to show, that people are willing to chase an incentive. And even more, if it is in front of them.

So what is it that motivates you to get up each day? Besides the bills and the collectors that is. Is there a financial goal that you are striving for? Do you dream about getting out of debt? Or how about buying that dream home or car someday? Is there a vacation with a travel destination in your near future?

When life happens, we can easily become distracted and veer off course from where it is that we financially really want to go. But how do we stay focused on where it is that we want to go? Well here are a few ideas…to help keep you focused.

Window Shopping

Window shopping is the idea of going to a store and taking a look at the goods that you would like to someday own. Often visiting these places can help you constantly look at the items/things that you desire to someday purchase. Being able to see these periodically may be able to help you achieve the position to actually touch and feel these objects. Then close your eyes and imagine yourself already being at that point and place in time of already owning such item.

Interested in buying or building a home?

One of my periodic hobbies is visiting model homes that builders have as samples. Visiting these places with a frequency can lead to various advantages. Not only is owning a dream home or a better home than what you already have a great goal to pursue. But a great one to revisit again and again.

With each visit to the builders model, you can tap into the knowledge of realtors & financial representatives about the housing market & mortgage companies. Each year builders and mortgage companies are always changing what they include with the purchase of a home from each. You can study the options that they offer, and educate yourself. This does not mean that you are about to make a purchase now. But once you have positioned yourself to make that next move, you will be savvy on how to get the best deal for your buck.

As well this can help you also determine what new changes/builds/design exist in the market. If you are building your own home; visiting model homes could help inspire ideas that can be implemented into your dream. Feel free to take pictures along the way.

Create a Vision Board to have at home & work.

A vision board is a board upon which you stick images of the things that you would like to have. A picture of a dream home, that dream car, a vacation destination, home décor, and more. This is a great idea to help keep you focused on where it is that you would like to be at someday. The fact that you can literally see it each day, may help keep you inspired to strive on past the pains and discomforts of life.

Feel free to cut out a picture of you and paste it on top of the body of a person in the picture, or cut and paste yourself into the picture. This is a fun way to get there faster. Who know, it could also inspire others to do the same. As well, it can be a great conversation started for guests or visitors.

So go and do it NOW!!

We are not all inspired by the same things. We all want something different. Some people would like to have similar things, but beside that one thing…also want something totally different.

Staying motivated may come easy for some, and harder for others. Although we discussed several ideas on how to stay motivated in pursuing your goals, it is an even better idea to combine the motivational strategies discussed here in today’s article.

Do you have any ideas as to how it is that you can stay motivated. Please share them with me in the comments area so that I can share them with others in an upcoming episode.

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