"My Alarm clock met my baseball bat"

Good morning to all of you. Last night I was studying and doing work on the PC for all of my projects until about 1:00 AM. I had been wanting to go to sleep since 8 PM last night; but am proud to have been pushing myself more.

Thinking that I could peacefully fall asleep with plans to sleep-in the morning..."the cop" of an alarm clock (Which I forgot to turn off!!) disrupted the ever wonderful love my head and pillow were enjoying. 'Augh!!' Really?! Within a split second the thoughts to succeed filled my head and motivated me to get up. "Well either way I had to shut the alarm up. "

Although heavily groggy, got myself ready and headed to the gym. It has been a while since working out had been a routine. And the size my belly had grown over the past months was evidence that it was time to push harder. (Someone stole the washboard that was where my stomach used to be.) Now at times I just feel like a 'Pillsbury Boy'.

Time ago, the fitness lesson learned was that if one continues to do a bit of cardio each day...one can really thrive off the results. At first it won't be fun or feel good. But it can definitely make a difference.

There was an amazing cardio story that I once hear of on TV. There was a man who was living a miserable life. He was will over the age of 38, was overweight, and was living a miserable life. His relationship with his wife was very rocky and negative, as well as his relationship with his children. He was the kind of guy that would just come home and plop himself on the couch. He was miserable at work, and in just about all areas of life.

The depression that he was suffering consumed him. So much to the point that he wanted to commit suicide. But he was just not sure exactly how to go about it. He wanted to choose a method to die by which if it fail, it would not result with consequences that he would have to live with. So after much thought over a period of time; realized that his hazardous cardiovascular health might just be the solution to his problems.

Knowing well of his heart problems, decided to use cardiac arrest as his way out. So one day after work, he came home, and changed into some workout clothes and sneakers. No one in his home noticed, and he quietly left the house. He left with such a rush, that he did not even desire to sulk even one last time before his departure. His thoughts were; "They hate me so much...it's not like they are going to miss me anyway."

So off he went. Running, jogging, pushing his body as hard, as fast as he could push himself. His goal was to
die of cardiac arrest. He ran for more than an hour, and although he was slowing down from the fatigue, he kept pushing...until he collapsed and passed out.

Unfortunately for him; his body did indeed pass-out...but it was due to the exhaustion. He ended up waking up on the side of the road where he passed out in the wee morning hours. He sadly got himself up, shook off any debri, and walked home to get ready for another work day. "I will try this again this afternoon."

Again this went on throughout the rest of the week. But by Friday, he noticed that he was able to run even further. This went on and on for about 2 weeks. As the days passed, he combined starving himself to aid in his plot. But it backfired with weight loss.

By week 4, he began to notice an incredible transformation that he did not anticipate. People started to treat him differently. He began to receive compliments. Intimacy in the bedroom began to thrive again. Now, instead of plopping himself on the couch, would now join his kids for bike rides and other physical play activities. His wife was motivated to join him on long walks in which he confessed to her how all of this started. Though the activity of walking by themselves, they spoke about their troubles...and rekindled their marriage.

I was taken back by this story when I heard it early on in my life. Can't remember the name of the TV show from which I heard the testimony from this  man himself.

The moral of the lesson here today is, learn to push yourself towards a better life. Don't wait until it get soo bad before you decide to take action. This man was lucky that his heart never gave out. But that does not mean that we all can be that lucky. In a future blog that I will write about on my other blog site: "Who's Your Daddy" (A website to help fathers become better "fathers".) I will explain the science of how this man rekindled his marriage through exercising. Although his intention was wrong, he learned to focus on developing himself first.

If we are not in a good state of health...it is going to be hard for us to take care of our family, or make the ability to provide for our family ever the more difficult than what it is.

I do hope that this story got to touch your heart like it did mine. Please tell me what you think in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Who knows, your response might be read by others too, and might help spark someone's ambition...to live a better life.


Mr. Lopez

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