"New Channels - Rambling/Madereando"

I am happy to be making progress at all of my projects. Today I have set up various channels revolving around two concepts. 2 Channels, one in English and the other in Spanish. These channels are basically to just joke around and put some comedy out there. Nothing to be taken seriously. Although I try to do my best to keep things PG-13, sometimes I might push the envelope. So to keep it safe, each channel's settings have been adjusted to be aimed at audiences over the age of 18.

Of the projects that I have on my table, really do feel that these two will be the ones to take off a bit faster than the rest. But who knows, lets see how the marketing plan for these measure up against the others. But then again, its the same marketing plan for all channels. So they will all compete the same way, just aiming at different audiences globally.

Posted in English.