"What a day!!"

Today I spent quite a bit of time working on the "Golden Mustard Seed". I am very happy with all of the progress that I am making. All of the tying of the multiple platforms is exciting but a tedious thing to do. It has been taking me quite a while to put all of the connections together. So far, the progress has been smooth. Very soon I will be able to begin a major push on this project. The first of many.

As well, I am excited to post that I am about to start taking some online classes to start a new career in the financial world. The process should take 2 weeks, or so have been told. Only time can tell.

My little one, has not been feeling well. He woke up this AM with a slight cough. Did not let the guard down & rushed to get him some medicine this morning, as well been feeding him chicken soup throughout the day & also had him take a nap. He got to sleep in today, so its been a nice day with him here at home. I just feel very bad that I did not get to go to church today. However, I was able to drop off my parents at church earlier.

There are plans for me to be up late this evening working on the "GoldenMustardSeed.com" project. Hope that I can get it to a good working point tonight before I hit the sac. Then as of tomorrow, I can start working on that blog building. I already have quite a bit of content for it. Hope that the general audience likes it.

Good night, from your dearest;


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